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Foraging In the UK - Guide & recipe ideas

Wild BlueberriesForaging is a fantastic thing to do whilst camping and has a number of benefits:

Whilst we may not be able to let you know everything you can eat in the wild, we will try to guide you on the main food items available.

To ensure that you can plan the food you need to take, you must be aware of the foods that are available to you in the wild. We will also try and guide you on the most renewable methods for foraging.

The best way to begin foraging is to search for foods that you recognise, such as carrots, parsnips, blackberries, apples, and garlic. These are good examples of vegetables and fruits that can be taken straight from the British countryside into the supermarket.

Food items:

Things to Consider:

  1. Only ever pick or catch things you are familiar with, many plants and fungi can be poisonous. Eating the wrong thing can be fatal.

  2. Try and pick/hunt responsibly. Only take what you need and leave enough so that the item can re-grow. If items are rare or endangered do not take them at all.

  3. Do not pick items which grow near roads, or at the edge of fields that may have been sprayed with pesticides, as they may be polluted.

  4. The more you forage, the more rewarding it will become. Research into recipes (like the one below), classes, and more diverse food types. Also, speak to other foragers to gain tips and invaluable local information.

  5. Please be considerate to other peoples land and property when foraging, always research public rights of way to ensure you're not trespassing or stealing.


Recipe Ideas


If you have any Recipes that make use of wild ingredients that you would like to share, please make a contribution.

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