Festival Checklist

Maximise your enjoyment

When at a festival, you may not look after your items in the best way, so make sure you take old things or items which you don't mind losing or breaking.

  Sleeping bag   Sun tan lotion
  Pillow case (stuff with clothes)   Clothes (think layers)
  Water proof poncho   Toiletries
  Wellies   Hand sanitiser
  Cagoule   Loo roll
  Plastic bags   Wet wipes
  Ticket   Wallet and cash
  Camera   Phone
  Empty water recepticle   Tent (see guide)
  Camp stove   Food
  Cooking utensils   Saucepan
  Rucksack   Pen knife of multi-tool
  Torch and spare batteries   Travel towel
  Sun glasses   Chair
  Trainers   Camp stove fuel
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