Gap Year Checklist

Packing can be tricky

Before departing the assembly of these items can seem daunting, mainly because there are so many lists available. Ultimately, it is always best to use these guides as just that, to plan what you will take according to what you will be doing once you arrive.

For example, I am staying in Hotels and guest houses where as some people will be trekking for days which will mean a tent is essential.

I have listed below the things that I see as being important additions to your backpack.

  Tent   Penknife or multi-tool
  Pillows   Picnic table and chairs
  Aloe Vera (for cuts, sun burn etc.)   Lightweight hiking tent
  Padlocks   Silk sleeping bag
  Bed bug sheet   Mosquito net
  Chargers   Swiss army knife
  Guide book   Photocopy of essential documents
  Air tickets   Money/dollars
  International Driving Licence   Driving Licence
  Compression sacks   Wallet and hidden wallet
  Sterile medical kit + syringes   Blister pads
  Rehydration salts   'Immodium'
  Insect repellant   Underwear
  Socks   Smart fleece
  Waterproof jacket   Shorts
  Long trousers   T-shirts
  Sandals   Walking shoes
  Shampoo   Soap
  Flannel   Razor
  Toothpaste   Toothbrush
  Universal bath plug   Travel towel
  Clothes line   Torch
  Sunglasses   Camera
  Mobile phone   Sewing Kit
  Ear plugs   Playing cards
  Iodine   Pen and paper
  SAS guide book  
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