Camping Info Top 10 Camping Products for the Future

Every year we see new innovations in camping that attempt to make our adventures easier, safer and in some cases more interesting. It seems like much of this so called progress is focused on enabling people to take their consumer comforts with them when they go camping.

Here are our favourite camping innovations in no particular order.

Aqua Power Survival Batteries

Aqua Power Survival BatteriesThese batteries can be run on various liquids. Coke, water and even urine, yes urine can be used to power them! In an emergency, these batteries could be a life saver, no matter how silly you look trying to fill them up.


The Verdier Camper

The Verdier CamperWe never thought that beauty and camper van could appear in the same sentence but we have had to re-think that opinion after seeing this futuristic camper. Running on vegetable oil and electricity, Alexandre Verdier's VW Microbus incorporates an integrated sun tracker which follows the sun for optimised charging via the solar panel.



Bikamper Attached to your mountain bike, the Bikamper utilises ripstop nylon and fantastic compression to provide a viable alternative to traditional tents for the mountain biker. An added bonus is that the tent is stored on the handlebars.



ParasolarThis innovation will keep the sun off of you whilst storing solar energy for use in other devices at other times of the day, such as torches at night. The parasol can be secured in place to store energy even when you arent using it. Parasolar even has usb connectivity.


Camping Rafts

Camping Rafts Floating on the Steenberg's Vliet this innovative campsite is one we are longing to try out. Each raft has it's own canoe, allowing you to visit local villages for supplies.


Guide Gear Camp Kitchen

Guide Gear Camp Kitchen We feel that if you are taking something like this you may as well be at home, but there may be certain occasions when it could be invaluable. It is basically an all-in-one kitchen, with room for preparing, condiments and spaces to hang implements.


Inflatable Solar Panels

Inflatable Solar Panels Do you find that your camping water heater saps battery power, here is an alternative that will save you space, weight and in the long term, money.


Respite by Ryan Heiser

Respite by Ryan Heiser The respite is an ingenious solution to the problem of where to sit whilst camping. Sure sitting on the floor is ok for a bit but after a while, ouch! The tent easily folds away and is a must for those wishing to while away an afternoon in the sun.


Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Jetboil Flash Cooking System The Jetboil makes use of number of energy saving devices that will ensure your cooking is done fast, using the least amount of fuel and in all but the most hazardous conditions.


Outdoor Research Highland Bivvy

Outdoor Research Highland Bivvy No camping list would be the same without the latest sleeping bag and this one holds a special place in our heart. It will allow you to sleep anywhere! It has a hydroseal waterproof nylon floor to keep out moisture, security pockets and you can fix it down with pegs and a guy rope!


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